First group of migrants from Central American caravan reach U.S.-Mexico border

The first group of migrants from the Central American caravan are at America’s doorstep. They split from a larger group of about 5,000 planning to request asylum in the U.S. CBS News correspondent John Blackstone is at the border.

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Election workers go down to the wire to complete Florida recounts

In Florida, election workers have less than 24 hours to complete recounts in the Senate and governor races. The aging system broke down in at least one county. CBS News national correspondent Manuel Bojorquez reports.

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Report warns U.S. could lose a war against China or Russia

A new report by a bipartisan commission selected by Congress says the U.S. has lost its military edge and could lose a war against China or Russia. CBS News national security contributor Michael Morell, former deputy CIA director, joins “CBS Evening News” to explain.

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